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Manufacturing of radioisotope products
and Immune-enzymatic test systems

About company

State enterprise "Radiopreparat" had been established  in 1976. Enterprise produces labelled preparations and compounds, as well as products with radioactive isotopes  for domestic markets and exports them to CIS countries, Europe and USA.

The nomenclature(range) of output products for medicine and science  exceeds 60 items.



Product quality meets international standards, as evidenced by awarding the company the International Star for Quality in 1999 in Geneva. The company is certified by international standard quality management system ISO 9001:2008. The characteristics of the output  products fully comply with current modern international requirements for such products.
The company produces:

  • radionuclides in general purposes for medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, etc.;
    radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat cancer, heart(cardiological) and endocrine diseases;
  • test systems for diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The company has the research and production bases and resources, equipped with modern facilities and equipments. To date, production capacity of the enterprise can timely not only ensure the full volume of production output and to satisfy demands of consumers, but also to increase the volume and product  line by 20-30%. Technological level of the enterprise, and the constant/ consistent modernization/upgrading and automation of production, orientation to the world's best technological developments can guarantee the efficiency of the manufacturing/production process and high quality of output products. Production is licensed and certified in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules. The development and production is based on the latest &  recent achievements in the field of radiochemistry, radio pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Most developments are unique and protected by copyright certificates and patents.

In determining the quality policy, the company comes from the fact that: (a) The products are used for the diagnosis of the most dangerous and world wide diseases - cancer, cardiac, endocrine, and infectious illnesses and (b) the company constantly and steadily/relentlessly fights for improving the quality of its production and achieved in this direction significant results, (c) It's staff consists of  highly qualified experts  in chemistry, physics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, marketing and management.

For employees of the enterprise is very important: to ensure security, stable and quality of its products in accordance with the expectations of consumers, established regulatory requirements, maintain and strengthen leadership in the developed sale markets and achieve sustainable image in new markets by expanding the range of supplied high quality products and understanding of customer requirements, improving customer service.

The main objectives of the enterprise, aimed at achieving the targets are: to provide consumers with high quality products in full compliance with their requests and expectations, expanding the product line of output products, increased the volume of sales and profits by expanding the product market, increase the product quality and competitiveness, enhancing the stability and efficiency of technological processes, ensuring the high levels of new product developments, improvement the professional skills and competencies of the staff.